Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors of variety:  America, East Virginia

Ripening period: winter

Fruit size: medium

Taste: sweet, dessert

Purpose: universal, used for juicing

Fruit yield at the age of 7 is up to 25-30 t/ha; 18-23 years old - 23 t/ha

Color: golden-light green, later yellow, sometimes with a diffuse reddish blush on the sunny side

Flavor:  rich

Weight:  140-170 g

Beginning of fruiting: in the second-third year

Fruit shape: round-conical

Peel: dry, dense

Subcutaneous points: gray

Pulp: greenish, dense, juicy

Frost resistance: medium

Resistance to diseases and insect pests: high

Scab resistance: medium

Removable ripeness: the end of September

Storage period: 6 months (March)

Belgorod, Kostyukova st. 39, of. 78