Belgorod Apples. Белгород
Nature in lead
Environmentally friendly production

Bees: our gardens are pollinated by bees, and this is the main indicator of the ecological purity of our fruits

Irrigation: our company achieves high yields by applying modern irrigation technologies using clean, river water, control, using weather stations, without resorting to artificial stimulation of growth, as is the case in most regions of the world

Netting: part of our garden is covered with anti-hail nets, it protects fruits from bad weather and birds

Fertilizers: our products are environmentally friendly because we use a minimum amount of chemicals to protect the garden from pests

Reliable and durable

Our products are packed in boxes made of durable 5-layer cardboard with a capacity of 13-15 kg, depending on the grade. Boxes are loaded onto euro pallets (1200*800) 40-44 boxes per pallet, which are tightly strengthen with wrap using the "butterfly" method.

Packing and laying of the apple guarantees safety during transport, loading and unloading and storage at the Distribution center.

Packing feature:

Own large storage

Since 2021, a modern fruit storage facility with a capacity of 5,000 tons has been put into operation (the total storage capacity is 25,000 tons). Chambers of 400 tons each with a ceiling height of 10.5 meters, equipped with sensors, upper and lower viewing windows, have no analogues in the Black Earth region. Dynamically controlled gas atmosphere for a year round supply of the highest quality products.

Delivery and logistics

We deliver according to your request:

You can pick up products from our storage yourself or we will assist you in finding a hired transport and you will directly solve all organizational issues with the carriers.

For delivery, we use logistics companies that are part of the Group of Companies and numerous hired vehicles. We deliver apples from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.

We always meet delivery deadlines, our strength is in accuracy. Logistics capabilities allow delivery to the distribution center strictly at the agreed time.