Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors: is the only Red Delicious bud mutation found in the USA

Ripening time: winter

Fruit size: large

Weight: 220-250g.

Taste: the taste is superior to other clones of this variety, due to the balanced content of sugar and acid, which determines the excellent, harmonious taste of the fruit,

Flavor: bright

Fruit shape: have an elongated ribbed shape

Pulp: sweet, crispy and firm

Peel: glossy skin has an intense, bright red color, completely ripe apples on the whole surface appears blurry color carmine blush

Active period: from 3-4 years old

Frost resistance: high

Scab resistance: high

Removable ripeness: harvesting begins in late September, early October. Fruits begin to color 1-2 weeks earlier than other varieties

Storage period: 5-6 months (February-March)

Belgorod, Kostyukova st. 39, of. 78