Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Ripening time: late September-early October

Fruit size: large

Weight: 170-250g.

Taste: pleasant sour-sweet taste

A distinctive feature is the pronounced aroma and taste of strawberries, which is felt when eating fruit.

Fruit: exudes a lot of juice of a characteristic shade

Pulp: red, firm, juicy

Color: red

The surface of the skin is strewn with white frequent blotches.

Peel: medium thickness, very dense, smooth, medium gloss

Active period: from 2 years

Frost resistance: the tree maintains the lowered temperatures to -30 °C.

During a drought period, an apple tree may stop fruiting until abundant watering appears.

Removable ripeness: mid-September

Storage period: 3 months (until January)

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