Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors: USA; obtained by the State of New York from a hybridization of Red Delicious and Macintosh; clonally propagated cultivar of apple derived from seeds grown in 1945 by Lester K. Anderson, fruit nutritionist at Cornell University

Fruit size: medium

Weight: 150-170 g

Taste: juicy, crispy and sweet

Purpose: universal, for fruit salads, as well as for sauces, pastry, pies and freezing. It's the perfect lunch box apple because it doesn't bruise easily.

Color: during the period of consumer maturity, a dark red blurred blush appears and covers the entire surface of the fruit

Fruit yield: high

Fruit shape: round-conical, sometimes slightly ribbed and asymmetrical, with a slight waxy coating

Peel: thick, smooth, shiny

Taste: with excellent taste and aroma

Pulp: creamy white, firm, medium-grained, juicy, refreshing

Frost resistance: medium

Removable ripeness: end of September - decade of October

Storage period: up to 4-5 months (January-February)

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