Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors of variety: J. H. Kidd (New Zealand)

Ripening period: late autumn

Fruit size: medium

Taste: sour-sweet, with a pronounced slight sourness, harmonious, well-balanced

Flavor: caramel and nutty, typical for apple

Purpose: universal

Color: greenish-yellow with orange-red blurry-striped blush on most of the surface; integumentary blush, most often, occupies at least 65-95% of the surface

Weight: 115-145 g

Beginning of fruiting: in the sixth year

Fruit shape: rounded

Peel: thin, dense

Pulp: juicy

Frost resistance: high

Subcutaneous points: considerable quantity, light, not very visible on the mottled fruit surface

Removable ripeness: in the second decade of September

Storage period: 4-5 months (January-February)

Belgorod, Kostyukova st. 39, of. 78