Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors: Anna Maria Smith (Australia)

Yield: at the age of 5 years harvest - 20 kg

Tree: height 2.5-3.5 m, crown dense, wide, spreading or flat-round

Fruits: purpose universal, for juice

Color: the skin of apples is dense, durable, glossy without visible wax or oil coating. In unripe form, it has a bright green, even emerald hue, which becomes lighter as it ripens.

Weight: 180-200 g, Max size 300 g.

Taste: sour-sweet

Pulp: The pulp of apples is dense, fine-grained, very juicy, but quite hard, stabbing, crispy. When unripe, it is green, and as it ripens, it becomes light green or greenish-white.

Flavor: slightly pronounced

Frost resistance, °C: up to -30

Winter hardiness: high

Location: areas with moderate light and heat

Resistance to diseases and pests: medium

Scab resistance: resistant

Removable ripeness: last decade of September

The beginning of the fruiting of the variety: for 4-5 years

Storage period: until April – May

These apples can be classified as dietary products, because each 100 g of fruit pulp contains only 47 kcal, which is explained by a small amount of natural sugars.

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