Belgorod Apples. Белгород

Authors of variety: American breeding, breeding station in Geneva

Ripening period: autumn

Fruit size: large

Fruit shape: rounded

Taste: harmonious, sour-sweet with a wine-like aftertaste

Purpose: used fresh; used for cooking jam, for juicing

Fruit yield: 40-60 kg of apples per tree

Color: greenish-yellow with orange-red blurry-striped blush on most of the surface

Weight: 170-220 g

Beginning of fruiting: in the third year

Peel: average thickness, shiny and smooth.

Pulp: crispy, juicy, dense, yellow

Frost resistance: medium

Scab resistance: medium

Duration of the consumer ripeness period: in January

Removable ripeness: the end of September

Storage period: 4 - 5 months, storage period in the refrigerator up to 7 months (February-April)

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